It all started when a few koi buddies got together one day and made a decision to turn their passion for koi into a business with the intent to make a difference to the existing koi industry in Malaysia. Our aim is to offer koi enthusiasts more choices of high quality Koi with affordable prices.

After an extensive research and identifying the top breeders, we then made our first trip to Japan in May 2009 to explore all possibilities. We were very fortunate to have met Japan breeders from Tani Koi Farm in Tokyo. He brought us to meet some top breeders and invited them to visit us in Malaysia. They have given us a lot of advice and guidance in setting up a successful koi business. As such, Yamakoshi Mura (House of Japanese Koi) was formed in Sep 2009 in Prai, Penang.

2010, we start to do grow up event to grow our business. The response from the public is overwhelming, and we start to setup Yamakoshi Challenge Cup. Yamakoshi Challenge Cup is for our customer to come together and compete each other by showing their koi.

Since year 2011, we start to participate in a lot of Koi show and many Koi contest locally and internationally. With our expertise in this industry, we won a lot of prizes include

  • Grand Champion in 1st Shinkokai Malaysia Koi Show 2011
  • Grand Champion in 1st Shinkokai Malaysia Wakagoi Show 2011
  • Most handling prize 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
  • Baby champion in Japan 43rd All Combine Nishikigoi Show 2011
  • a lot more...

At the same year 2011, we organize 3rd ZNA Mini Koi Show cum Yamakoshi Growout.